Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have this theory....

If we enjoy God's blessings, not taking them for granted, He is blessed. When this happens, He is excited for the fact that we are excited about what He has given us. Then He shows us more of what is ours- joy, creation, mercy, grace, and so much more. It's like He says, "Do you like this? Well, let me show you this as well.."

It has occurred to me recently that I am blessing God by slowing down once and a while, sitting back, and basking in His gifts to us. It refreshes me immensely and gets me through the next challenge, but it also blesses God and opens the door for so much more.

Just this week my blessings are overflowing.

A boat ride on the Marion Reservoir at sunset...breathtaking.

Driving home with the windows open on a COOL summer's night. Lightening flashing inside the clouds far ahead while reflecting the brilliant colors of the sunset.

TWO zoo trips.



Observing a garter snake in the yard that had just had lunch with a huge bulge in it's long body.

My Brookie hard at work arranging flowers for me.

An injured moth the kids found and cared for.

A perfect evening in the friends and a picturesque sky. I do not believe these things were accidental. Thank you, God for showing me your blessings! Please continue to show me the wonders of your creation and the joys of your love!

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