Friday, August 5, 2011


So it's hot outside and money is tight. I'm running out of ideas and can't keep up with the housework and entertain our two extra guests.

Did I mention we don't own a TV? I remember the day my 13" TV blanked out when everything went HD and without the converter box we were left in the digital dust. No regrets. Not that owning a TV is bad! We simply didn't need the temptation and I couldn't figure out a way to position my furniture with a TV in the living room.

I went to get my tire fixed a few days ago and was forced to watch the designated channel on the television for an hour and a half. eh. It kept me entertained but I was wishing I had brought a good book instead.

I have met more than one school aged child that didn't even know how to put a puzzle together. That makes my blood boil- not towards the child but that our lives in general have come to this. So then I love TV even less. Especially the mindless cartoons that actually make the kids stupider, like the one that has a male "cow" with utters.

Boredom is not a bad thing! It is an opportunity to be creative. It opens the world to make believe and problem solving. It challenges the mind to explore new possibilities. Children should be bored from time to time.

Tonight I walked in on Savannah cracking up to her 101 Dalmatians book.
Two nights ago we took turns reading Shel Silverstien poems.
I have, more than once, caught Brooke playing make believe with her crayons, "Pinkie", "Orangeish", and "Greenest". Or anything else she can form a storyline with.
Monopoly, Checkers, Rumikub, and Solitaire are actually played.
Hundreds of masterpieces have graced my refrigerator.
Dozens of stories have been written.
Inventions are created.
Energy is expended, coordination is developed.
Puzzles have been conquered.
Memories are made.

Take heart. You can function without the latest technology or money to spare. They will amaze you.

Brookie was making "houses" all week by taking a stool, turning it on it's side, placing a blanket on top and a pillow underneath. She made one for all the small children, but told me she could not make one big enough for me.

Today, they put their heads together (with the help of my 12 year old niece) and made a 4 room house under the dining table:

It was fun. And they cleaned it up before supper!

Maybe, when they are older, we will go ahead and buy a new TV. Or maybe we will be so used to not having one we won't have the desire to.

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