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Our cirriculum gave me the task of writing a letter to each of my children about their names. I thought about that for a while... My pastor growing up at Ebenfeld is so creative and makes baby dedications very special by researching name meanings and giving a bible verse based on the names. Ellie was dedicated at this church and still loves to read the print out given to her at her dedication.

I did some searches online but my children's name meanings are fairly straightforward- Savannah, Summer, Brooke...I love nature. I saw one person asked about a christian meaning of Savannah and the responses were sarcastic- "It's not a biblical name! Purely geographical." I wasn't satisfied. So I thought looking at this from a different angle? What is a savanna? What is summer? What is a brook? What to they provide? Why are they necessary? What drew me to these names?

This is what I came up with:

Dear Savannah,

      You are a blessing to us! You sere a very tiny baby when you were born. The nurse at the hospital said you had a very big name for such a tiny baby!
      Before you were born, we had to decide on a name. I have always liked Anna, which is the name of your great-great grandmother. Your daddy's name is Souksavay. I thought that I would take the first part of Savay and Anna which makes Savannah. Savannah in Laos means "rice field". Savan means "heaven".
     Your daddy chose Davone as your middle name because he thought Savannah Davone sounded like a movie star's name. Davone is a beautiful name that is common in Laos.
     As you know, a savanna is a treeless plain, which is a home for many animals. The savanna has grass for food and shelter, and large spaces for the cheetah to run fast. (Cheetahs are Savannah's favorite animal) You also can provide many good things to people and you don't need to worry. God will always help you! I can't wait to see how you will bless other people!

Matthew 6:25-34

Dear Summer,

     The day you were born, my friends Karlye and Michelle were with me in the operating room. They were great friends and helped me so much that day. After you were delivered, they went with the nurse to clean you up. the nurse asked what your name was and Michelle said "Hannah".
     But that wasn't your name!! Your name is Summer. I named you that because I thought it was a fun name and I had a hunch you would be fun... and I was right!
     Daddy chose your middle name to be Maleena, which is a beautiful name from Laos.
     Summertime is warm and sunny, and it is a time to play, swim, catch fireflies, als watch the flowers bloom. You can also be warm and loving to other people, making their day happier. God gives you the love and joy to make you happy, and even gives you enough to give to others as well! You are a blessing to us and we love you so much!

Galations 5:22-26

Dear Brooke,

      Before you were born, I dreamed of having a little girl named Brooke. A few minutes after you were born, I knew how special you were becasue yo quietly turned your head around, listening to the voices in the room. I could tell you were wanting to know what people were saying.
      Your heart is so tender and special because you care about other people. You ask great questions and are fun to talk to.
     Daddy named you Alysone becuse it is a Lao name but also an American name.
     Brooke means "sophisticated" and also a stream of running water. Animals love to be near a stream becuse it is cool and refreshing. Plants need water, so they love to be near a brook as well. People love to sit by a brook because it makes a lovely, calming sound. Your giving, helping, and beautiful sounds of talking and singing blesses people around you. We love you so much!

Psalm 150

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