Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We have enjoyed our "pops" this summer. Savannah was the first to make them after reading about them in a magazine.

1. Make juice. (Or just buy it already made) Any juice you want to try will do, but apple juice or lemonade won't stain clothes.

2. Pour juice in ice cube trays. Use a smaller container with a pour spout for less mess.

3. Freeze solid. This may take several hours (patience :)

4.When you are ready to eat, set out for a few minutes, poke with a toothpick or short bamboo skewer.

5. Eat!

We don't typically drink juice at meals and each of these are fairly small, so we can have a few of these a day and won't over-eat them! If you use a juice with "no sugar added" you can limit sugar intake.

This is a great example of two different properties of water: liquid and solid. You can ask the children, "Do you like your juice as a liquid or a solid?"

The Popsicle was an accidental invention of an 11 year old boy, Frank Epperson. It's original name was "epsicle". Mr. Epperson's children re-named it to "Popsicle", after their "pop". You can read more of this story here.

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