Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sunrise, The Sunset

I woke, without alarm, just in the right time. I promptly got up and went to look out my sliding glass door. I was just going to sit on the floor and look out the window, but the sunrise was positioned in a way that it was necessary to actually go outside. It was like a beckoning, come a little closer, come and experience the fullness of this sky art.

What a blessing. I didn't want to move, but camera was just on the other side of the sliding door so I took a few seconds to go get it. My pictures don't do it justice.

It started out very bland but over the eight minutes or so I sat there it intensified greatly. The clouds that covered the blue above the morning colors made it even more beautiful! The morning air was so refreshing compared to the hot, humid summer days. The only thing I could do was praise God. I could have stayed longer but I knew I should go get some more sleep- a precious commodity for me. Maybe I will tomorrow.


As the day was winding down, I was reading Alice in Wonderland to the children and Summer pulled open the curtains in the living room. Not just the sky, but the entire evening light was tinted in pink. We sat outside for a few minutes. Again, the air was cool. Children were still enjoying the last minutes of the day. Joy filled my heart again, just as the sunrise did.

 I don't live in a place where the majority of the world would know for it's natural beauty, but Kansas is definitely a beautiful place. Taking time to enjoy it is the key.

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  1. I have to agree, as a mother and a native Kansan, it is beautiful here, and also full of extremes, each season!