Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sitting in the Dr.'s office today I saw an article about the importance of Dads in children's lives. I just skimmed through it but something stuck out to me. Dads usually bring a whole lot of fun to a family.

Does any Mom wanna join me in confessing about the eye rolls and sighs or even outright criticism for Dad's lack of rule following and complete disregard for "normal" (since Moms are so normal) order of business around the house?

How come Dads always want to play with the children right before bedtime instead of calming them down? Or decide that ice cream would be nice right before lunch? Even teach them bad habits that would embarrass any Mom if repeated in public?

If you agree, maybe it's time for us to lighten up a little. Maybe Dads know what they are doing....or maybe not, but at least God does and He made them that way for a reason.

I went to work today.....
This is what Sook bought for the kids to eat for breakfast this morning. Pure. Sugar.

The geniuses at Fruit Loops decided that their loops weren't sugary enough so they decided to put marshmallows in with it that look like fruit. And then put a little sign on front that says "good source of vitamin D." Such a pet peeve of mine. He looked a little guilty when he pulled it out this morning. That's not the worst of it, though. When I got home the entire box was empty!! They snacked on it all day!

The girls drew belly badges on their stomachs like the Care Bears. I wonder if he even knew about this....

I saw him feed Max right off the floor.

You know what? They love it when I go to work. And no one died, no ER trips, no cops were involved....yet.

Oh, and the laundry is almost done!

The wonderful things they get to do with Daddy....

He took all 4 of them to Old Shawnee Days while I went to a Bachelorette Party!

Lots of sugar.....

Just being goofy.

Daddy brings something to the family that I could never do alone. AND he brings home the bacon, too. My children and I are blessed.

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