Monday, March 10, 2014

This Day.

So, I'm told that if you say you are fasting something for lent, it is inappropriate to share that because fasting should be done in secret.

Therefore, I may or may not be fasting fear and worry and replacing it with thanksgiving for lent. Either way, blogging about it keeps me somewhat accountable. It may or may not continue after Easter.

I used to carry my camera around my neck like an accessory, but not so much now. I hope to regain that- maybe with the help of thanksgiving. Anyway, here we go:

If you know much about me, you'll know that our family has come through some hard financial times lately, and I've been privileged enough to experience what it is like not really sure how we will  eat. I'm not being sarcastic. I do count it as a privilege because now I can relate a little more to those in need. I'm also thankful to know that there is always hope for something better.

Today, it was the most beautiful day I remember this year. We skipped most of our school to celebrate until nightfall. There is just something spring does to a weary soul. I am thankful for warm weather.

I went grocery shopping for the first time in a while without mentally deducting each item from the bank account as I walked through the isles of the store. This is partly because I was able to do some extra work lately, so we have a little more padding in the budget, but also because I'm not allowed to fear.

Except for one short time when I was unloading the groceries on this gorgeous day. I started counting up upcoming bills vs. upcoming paychecks. I started to worry. But then, I remembered that I wasn't supposed to do that. I'm so thankful that fear and worry are off limits.

I have a fridge full of much healthier food than I've had in a while. That brings me joy. Provision adds so much life into our daily routine-- or is it that worry sucks so much life out?

My children begged to play outside, they asked me to read to them, we laughed together, and we made lemonade. Max insisted on squeezing the lemons after Savannah deserted her post at the table to run outside a few more minutes before the sun set. He did pretty good. I thank God for these little people a hundred times a day.

My Bible study, which tugged at my heart once again. My husband, who came home and teased the kids. My house, which apparently God doesn't want me to leave. He knows I've tried.

This is going to be an amazing week.

Here's an old photo: to the hope that the flowers will soon bloom, and fear and worry become a distant memory this lent  spring.


  1. If I am correct, this is a Treasure flower (AKA Ganzania rigens). You know what is so wonderful about them? Each evening they close up tight, and every morning they bloom as the sun brightens the day. Kind of like us and Jesus. His light allows us to bloom. :)

  2. Yes, I believe it is. What a beautiful illustration!