Sunday, August 5, 2012

House of Grace

The Bible talks about the mysteries of God. Sounds so...unattainable at first read. I was thrilled, however, when I realized that much of what God teaches are mysteries because our natural mind does not think like God's. In fact, the way God thinks is usually opposite of how I think in the natural. It is attainable, however, when we learn to look at the world through his perspective.

When we watch how God works through our life experiences, the common theme is how off we are, yet His great love remains.

Man cannot draw out a road map of how to live the perfect life. It can only come through the faith that God knows what is best for us. However, there is obedience, humility, perseverance, patience, and certain action involved as well. And these things are all mixed up in a mysterious jumble with love as an umbrella over all.

I reflected this last week over how I can encourage my children to do their best for God in any situation. I was reminded that criticism hinders creativity and induces fear, often times.

Yet, a standard needs to be set. We should strive for perfection without being perfectionists. So hard.

One mystery that pays many times over is grace. Undeserved favor.

I want my house to be a house of grace. This is one way to pave a life experience that opens the path for Christ to show himself. Not just grace to my own children, but as a part of life.

Show grace to other children.
Show grace to my spouse.
Show grace to neighbors and friends.
Show grace to our leaders.
Show grace to our church.
Show grace to our enemies.
Show grace to those that don't agree with us.
Show grace to family members.
Show grace to your first grade teacher that said you weren't smart.
Show grace to those that belittle you.
Show grace to yourself.

God knows, there are so many times that I have been the one in need of grace, and there are times that I was misunderstood- even with good intentions.There are those that don't understand my circumstances. I have been judged, but I also have received grace that I can't comprehend. I thank God for those that have given it to me.

Thank God for grace.

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