Saturday, August 11, 2012

"I Am Strong"

This summer was normal great. Nothing fantastic has happened. No vacations or exciting camps.

It was HOT. We've kept busy. Life is continuing. But something has clicked- whether it be me or a particular age in my children or an family attitude or a mixture of everything, Life seems to have gotten a tad bit easier.

There is a light of hope that we may be able to get out of survival mode soon.

God uses my work to remind me that I am capable of organization and multiple complex thoughts at once. Maybe I can restore order.

God uses people to open my eyes to possibilities out of mundane. Maybe our schedule can become more mama friendly.

God also simply puts circumstances in our favor. And wonderful help. Maybe it will be fun to see how this will play out.

As I reflected on my hope, I was saddened by the last nine years. I feel as though I was just simply surviving. Did I not try hard enough? Was I lazy? Did I not listen to God and obey? How many blessings did I miss out on?

But my God did not condemn me. He simply said, "You prepared your children for another season. That is what you were to do."

Reading a book aloud instead of cleaning.
Allowing imperfectly folded towels, courtesy of pre-schoolers.
Creating incredible art and cooking messes.
Spending hours teaching kids how to get along, how to respect their parents, how to be responsible, and how to persevere.
Stimulating brain development by playing with an infant, nursing, or just holding her rubbing her head.
Answering life questions.
Instilling the reality that they are loved, they are important, and they are secure.
And teaching and modeling the love of Christ.

This all takes work and time, and you may not see the results immediately. But moms, you are still the smart college student. You are still the efficient career person. You are still the beauty that stole your husband's heart. You are still the incredible artist, or accountant, or secretary, or whatever you were in your former responsibilities. You are still fun. You have not changed, but your circumstances have and I believe motherhood is above human capability. We all need intervention- whether it be your mother-in-law, a maid, or simply supernatural, we need help.

It stretches us, and it pushes us into a humble realization that life is hard. But it's okay, that is right where God wants us, so we can witness a greater purpose.

God has taught me that the self defeating talk is sin. Self pity, complaints, and fear are sin. It is sin because it is listening to lies that hinder God's best. And the best weapon is His word. I know about God's word, I know what is says, but very little is hidden in my heart. (I use my concordance much too often). So God has challenged me to memorize scripture that will help accomplish whatever purpose I have at this time.

I'm inviting you to accept this challenge as well. Let's start with an easy one.

Joel 3:10b
Let the weak say I am strong.

Say it every day, and say it when you feel weak. Teach it to your children. Believe it. You may look weak, but the eyes only tell part of the story. Tell them they are wrong. Let the weak say "I am strong".

What are the verses that encourage you? Share them in the comments or e-mail.

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