Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Conviction Alert

Moms, we are so surrounded by the "me" mentality and I'm afraid we're on the wrong track. Some of us are as whiny as the two year olds we're too lazy to discipline.

Sorry, that was my conviction but it probably applies to others as well. I know I'm not that exceptional.

A good mom is incredibly strong in spirit, stubborn in her convictions, a force one will only challenge temporarily. She fears very little and is in control of her emotions at all times. Her children respect her soft spoken voice and crave her warm hugs because of her authority. Her husband is confident in his children and household because she takes responsibility.

It sounds unfair, doesn't it? According to my conviction, we have two choices. We can gripe about our responsibilities, our children, and our husbands. We can whine, making us weaker, falling into a pit of self pity, starting a chain reaction of miserable behavior for the rest of the family. We make our husbands feel guilty and like failures, causing confusion with our mysterious emotions, and our children insecure with every mood. Then they react negatively since they are the CHILDREN who don't know how to process their emotions alone and make our day exponentially worse.

The second choice is to fight like mad to stay warm, happy, and responsible. Like mad. Never give up. Fight any negative action or word that enters into her household, whether we are the ones that produced it or not. Guard our walls from anger, jealousy, fear, and failure in order to produce a refuge inside. Hold on to our faith as if our lives depend on it. Detect all unfruitful items and clean until spotless. Then we will rest in the delight of our labor and instill confidence and joy inside each member of the house.

Inspect all of our ideals and beliefs to make sure they are of truth. If it doesn't feel right, find out why. Know our shortcomings and face them head on. Speak daily to God and be prepared to accept conviction and take action. Be prepared to know how much God loves us and that he takes so much interest in our households that he is willing to touch a nerve and not apologize for it. Be prepared for God to show us how to reach our dreams since He is the one that made us and gave us our dreams.

Be prepared to succeed. As mothers, I believe this is our challenge. If you may be one in the future, please, please, please count the cost first. Once you have started, it is your job to finish and it is not an easy task.

I have not perfected this and I have found that once I dig in my heels and vow to fight I am attacked head on. It's easy to give up and go back to whining...but what honor is in that? Mom- your job is important. Failure is not an option. Perfection is not required. Faith in God's promises are a must.

This is my conviction that I share with you.

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