Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Get up to take a shower. Check.

Help my girls make breakfast. Check.

Dress Max. Check.

Go to the ATM. Check.

Break my 20. With Coffee. Check.

Attend and enjoy Bible study. Check.

Pick up Chinese food. Check.

Lunch. Check.

Mandate quiet time. Check.

Go to the pool. Check.

Leave early due to bad behavior. Check.

Discipline, witness repentance, gave hugs. Check.

Helped Brooke make snack/supper. Check.

Put a load of laundry in to soak. Check.

Washed a load of dishes. Check.

Played a conversation game I learned about in my "Bringing up Girls" study. Check.

Took the four girls to VBS. Check.

Took Max to Hobby Lobby for tomorrow's art project. Check.

Forgot to stop at the quick shop for a sucker and Pepsi. Drove by the house and went back. Check.

Managed to see Daddy for 10 minutes before he left for the night. Check.

Picked the girls up from VBS. Check.

Started the laundry cycle. Check.

Gave a snack, blessed each child, read books, tucked them in, tucked them in again. Check.

Called Mom. Check.

Blogged. Soon to check.

10,000 things left to do, yet every minute had meaning.

Moms, don't underestimate your daily accomplishments.

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