Saturday, July 2, 2011

In The Siyajuck House

A made a smoothie an hour ago. I finally just ate it.

It's hot. Too hot to boil my water because of the water main break. Not too hot for coffee, though.

Apparently "picking up the basement" means moving all the toys to the bedroom.

This is our pool. Hours of entertainment. Why is it on top of the trampoline? I don't know. I thought it was clever, though!

Summer in the summertime.

Savannah picked out hair clips. Her favorite is green and has flowers and feather on it! No one else would wear the pink one it so I put it on. Staining the deck has never been so fancy.

Rule for this summer: Grill anything. Last night? Quesadillas!

File:Eyed Click Beetle Alaus oculatus 056428.jpg
I saw my first eyed click beetle yesterday on the deck. I was so excited, I ran inside to find something to trap it so we could all examine in it. My hero husband translated my excitement as fear and killed it for me while I was inside, knocking it into my ground cover below. Oh well.

Savannah proudly told me that she locked a fly in the refrigerator so it would freeze to death. Nice.

I would take the kids to the pool but the key is lost in the garage somewhere which is forbidden to enter due to mold remediation.

It's too hot to move outside, I have mold, no vacation, and plenty of laundry to do. BUT I will rejoice in the LORD! My joy is from Him, and His blessings are unending!

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  1. Nice. I really liked the part where Dad smashed the beetle. I'm terrified of thoses things. But you really didn't have to say the part where I locked the fly in the fridge.