Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Stuff.


Since I got all of the kids ready for church, I was not. They left as I was stepping out of the shower. "I'll go in the other car" I yelled. Off they went.

I sat in my husband's car. The gas tank said empty. I left my purse in the other car since I had a load last night..I think. I can't find it at least. Church is a good 20 minutes away, too far to risk it. I really needed it today! The last two weeks I stayed home with sick kids.

This song has summed up February. Please go away February.

Alas, I refuse to mope. Here's the good stuff.

Brookie turned 5. She loves to garden! I am so excited that one of my children love to garden. She can't wait till spring.(just like me) Yesterday we started some flower seeds indoors. I am amazed that this child who bounces off the walls constantly can spend 45 minutes helping me re pot plants....and I mean helping. Again I am thankful for homeschooling.

Ellie was with us this weekend. She helped me make Brookie's cake. I'm so thankful for my time alone with her and get excited when I think about moving closer. Because of possible developmental problems, my sister's doctor strongly recommended abortion. My dear sister strongly refused. Ellie is a complete joy, and she is completely healthy. Despite the odds against her, she is a very happy and productive little girl. What a blessing.

I went out to my possible future home last week to plan out where the house would go. It just felt like home...even though there was no house on the meadow. Ellie and Brookie were with me. Ellie said, "You can't live here! The grass is way too tall!" That made me laugh. Brookie said, "Can we have a garden?"

Yes, my dear we shall have a garden.

I love to paint- so I paint pictures that either have Bible verses on them or represent a verse. I don't always have time to read but reminders around the house can lift my spirits. I worked on one last night the the Psalm 23 verse "He makes me lie down in green pastures". in mind. Where are your green pastures?

A night out with friends?
The gym?
A clean house? lol.

Last night it was a trip to Lowe's by my self. Life is hard. We need green pastures.

I'm not done yet and I still don't have a camera so I took this with my phone. I woked on it while Sook was watching UFC. Now it kinda reminds me of Ultimate Fighting and green pastures.

One more thing- last week when I drove through the flint hills during sunset, I had to get a few phone pics too. This is the best one I got.

Imagine it 10 times more beautiful. I love Kansas. Even in February.


  1. Green Pastures Thinking! I love it! Thanks, Wendi!

  2. Me too. :) Can't wait for you to live in your green pastures so I can drop in unexpectedly all the time and drive you crazy.

  3. Jamie!!!! I was just thinking that the reason why this month has been so horrible is because I don't have you to drop in on! I'm gonna cry now. Love you.