Monday, February 28, 2011


We have graduated from children's Bible songs to K-Love in the the car.

Sometimes other stations as well, but lately I have craved anything inspirational. Some people don't get this music, but for some people, the words can grab a hold of us and rescue or bless us right where we are at.

Grace is really so beautiful. I cannot describe it better than standing out in a spring rain washing all the muck off of you till it is gone and standing before God as he intended you to be. Righteous.

This evening we were driving in the car and this song came on. Savannah was so excited because she knew it and started singing along. Full volume. Terribly off key.

At first I laughed to myself, but then God reminded me that He is blessed by a child's joyful noise.

I think the irony of this is that her off key praise was a picture of grace itself. We get it wrong so often and beat ourselves up over it but God's grace never ends, and when receive it is when we can truly break free from our mistakes and regrets. And that makes Jesus all the more beautiful to me. It also melts the anger I have toward other people when they get it wrong. God gives us grace and in turn we can give it to others, making them more beautiful. Isn't that what Christ did?

As I pumped gas I told Savannah, "I love the way to praise God". She gave me a dreamy smile and said, "yeah."

Live freely in grace.

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