Thursday, December 19, 2013

Child Qualities We Should Take Advantage Of #4

They are easily excitable.

True story. We can't buy presents this year. Now, before you start feeling sorry for my children, don't worry. They will get presents, but not from me. I've done my best to make this a memorable time for them. I simply cannot spend a whole lot of money. So something came up today and I needed them occupied. They wanted a movie. A new movie. I start to sweat. I wanted to give it to them, but I started thinking about my bank account and adding up the bills that were still due. I tried to entice them with cheap online rentals, but nothing seemed worthy of $2.99 or less.

So finally, I gave in. I said, "What the heck. You guys know I can't give you presents this year, but I will buy the movie you really want. Will you accept this as your Christmas present?"

You would have thought we were going to Disneyland.
"This is the best day of my life!" one exclaimed.

Do you know how many best days of their lives we've had? In Savannah's exaggerative spirit, about a million. At least a whole lot.

And we've never been to Disneyland.

Take joy in small things. Value things by what gives them joy, not by price. Know that above all, they want experiences- with you. Follow through with promises- don't discourage the excitement. Movies are great when used in moderation. Avoid excess. Learn things together. Get excited about nature. Celebrate personal victories. Visit local attractions. Get to know interesting people along with your kids. Read together. Read some more. Scroll through Pinterest together. Dream together. Pray together. Never, ever feel guilty for not giving them more stuff. Give when you can, but have peace when you can't. Children are cool like that.

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