Monday, December 16, 2013

Child Qualities We Should Take Advantage Of #3


I am terribly guilty of looking at circumstances and forecasting doom. I speak hope, but my heart faints. This past year, every day has been a battle for me to get to the place that I can smile with ease- for my children's sake. If they start to lose their optimism, woe is me. Countless times their innocence has saved me.

They ask if we can go out to eat, we say we can't afford it.
They ask if we can buy such and such,  we say there is not enough money.
They ask if we can go stay in a hotel, we say when Daddy gets a better job.
They ask when we can go to Hawaii, or Iceland, or Australia, or Laos, we say... uh, someday, I'm sure.

Oh, but their optimism is priceless.

Brooke offered to contribute her collection of pennies.
Savannah and Summer are on the search to find something they could sell.
Max told me he could buy more money for us. He also said that when he is big like Daddy he would go to work and buy me Pepsi.

Last week was bad. Really bad. I was pretty low when Brooke said, "My sisters and I think this has been the week of funniness." in the middle of her cartwheel. I thought, "humor might do me some good too."

Savannah told me that God told her that her and her sisters would be cartoon artists someday. I am certain that this is possible, for they are creative and determined. It is not my position to question that. They spend their days scripting and playing with their stuffed animals, developing characters, and decorating their room according to the appropriate scenes, all because they don't doubt their dream. Even if it doesn't turn out as they imagine, the skills they are developing are more than I could teach them with any book.

Go for it. Shoot for the moon. Renew your hope. Trust in God. Be careful in what you discourage. Find the beauty in what they do, there is always something praiseworthy. Find ways for them to develop their dreams. If something doesn't work out right away, encourage practice and perseverance. Join them. Let them see you step out of the box. No matter what, fight discouragement and depression with all of your strength. It has no place in the presence of children.

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