Monday, December 9, 2013

Child Qualities We Should Take Advantage Of #1

So simple, yet so overlooked. Probably because I'm too tired for twenty hugs a night and too frazzled for one more "helper" to make bread and so ready for them to learn to be independent. I've realized there are such qualities in young children that we wish we would have never unlearned, so it may be a benefit for them if I encourage it as long as possible.

I have not written a lot lately, partly because I don't have time, partly because I lost some desire. This, however, I think may be worthy of writing if for no other reason than for my own contemplation. I think I'll just take one at a time.

#1 They love us.

Even the ones that have not been treated so well, they love their parents in a way that will baffle those looking from the outside. Kids love their parents when they are young. That is a good thing. Lets let them love us.

Enjoy their gifts. Take their nagging for you to play a game with them as a compliment. Give them words of wisdom, they may listen better now than later. Make time with them a priority, they will be happier people. Tell them jokes. When everyone falls apart at once, fix it with hugs- or couch cuddles- maybe with a movie and popcorn.

Let loose. They think your jokes are funny, they think our nuances are necessary. They expect their daddy to come home and jump out from behind the door every night. They await my comic relief in the middle of an intense lesson. They anticipate a twirl hug after a time out.

Teach them what it looks like to love... to obey, to help out, to talk to them with respect. Teach them that we still get irritated with each other, but our love doesn't fade. They will get disciplined right along with unconditional love.

And take comfort, because they do love us. But beware, because they won't be children forever.

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