Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Thoughts From My Sickbed

I had to go to the grocery store. My grocery list for my sick family- snack food, 7-up, Gatorade, popsicles, Kleenex, and Day Quill for my stubborn husband who refuses to go to a Doctor and then complains about how sick he feels.

I felt a little guilty. I had to take Max, who has the flu (we all do- I'm praying we didn't give it to my Doctor.) He was fine but he insisted on riding the car cart, so his little germy hands were on the steering wheel.

I was wondering how obvious it was to the check out guy that we were sick and if he would be paranoid, but then I noticed his sniffling and snot rag and he probably wasn't even paying attention. I wonder about stuff like that- what the check out people are thinking about KY or pregnancy tests.

..and how I felt about my checkout guy touching my food with his sick hands...not that we could get any sicker.

In the parking lot I saw a sports car with a personalized license plate "DRMOM2" and thought that was really weird. A doctor mom would never own a sports car and never ever own 2. So I checked it again and realized I had misread it. It was actually "DRMCOM2". I think.

I was relieved that gas was steady at $3.40. At least it wasn't still increasing by $.10 a day. HOWEVER, with my $.60 discount from all the groceries I buy, it was only $2.80. Yippee!

I've had bad luck with drive thru's lately. My coffee was lukewarm.

I seriously think our sickness is a distraction from worry. I'll take sickness over worry.

We've gotten our money's worth out of Netflix this month. I wish I could say the same for the Y.

Gandolf lives? I've only seen the first movie. Guess I need to upgrade Netflix.

I need to complete my continuing education. Good night!

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