Monday, March 7, 2011

Growing Faith

"Oh no! I can't find my shoes!"

STOP! We have two options. Frantically tear apart the house, getting grumpier and grumpier by the minute or pray about it.

If we pray, we usually find things much quicker with less worry.

A while back, I heard someone talk about growing faith. You start with the little things and get bigger and bigger by the prayer. I think this practice has made God more real in our lives, and our faith is growing.

However, I know I have so much more to learn. Today on the radio, someone said if we truly trust in God, we don't need to stay up late and live with less sleep in order to get things done. Maybe I can get more sleep after all.

We are sick now. My husband needs new work but not sure which direction to go. I feel like I am constantly helping one child or another. I am overwhelmed. Some days I let it get to me, but I don't have to. I love that promise. I'm excited to see what growing my faith will produce, and I am excited to see it at work in my childrens' lives as well.

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