Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Boy

My wonderful parents gave me a break this last week- They took all 4 girls for 6 days!! Don't tell anybody but I didn't even miss them until the last day. I'm glad to have the beds full now and giggles and painting and random thoughts by little minds, but so thankful for the break.

I got to spend time alone with Max. He's 8 months now. He didn't know how to handle the 2 1/2 hour drive from Mom and Dad's without his sisters entertaining him, but I think he may have enjoyed Mama to himself for a few days.

I sat and watched him exploring. He crawls on his stomach and gets around quite easily now. I really wish I knew what goes through a baby's head. The morning light created a shadow of his hand waving around. He seems to be fascinated by shadows and played with his for several minutes. Next he crawled over to play with his reflection in the stainless steel trash can. He giggled and waved his hand, watching his reflection closely. Then he moved to the refrigerator to study the force of magnetism. Eventually the large alphabet magnet ended up as something to chew on (sanitary, I'm sure).

What they must be learning at this age! This morning he stared at the brass colored door knob that opens his closet. It was reflecting the morning light. After about 30 seconds, he turned his head all around to look at the window from which the light was coming, then back to the knob, then to look at me as if to ask something...if only he could! Could he really see the connection?

It is my amateur theory that kids know so much more than we give them credit for. Well, at least if I'm wrong I'm not hurting anybody- but if I'm right and I give them some of that credit and encourage them to come up with theories and challenge them to learn more- I think they will be better for it. Just a thought.

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