Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Reading

Last December, I read one book with each of the girls. I vowed to continue it all year long, but let that good intention slip away until this December, when I remembered it again.

Savannah chose "A Christmas Carol", Summer chose "James and the Giant Peach", and Brooke chose "Charlotte's Web", which I had started earlier but forgot about it until now.

My kids love to watch shows on the the computer and movies as well, but there is something different about a book. It is quoted over and over and giggled over and about, it's themes penetrate the entire day and new vocabulary slip out of children's mouths.

We have a sudden interest in spiders and spider web making.

They found a plastic spider ring. The wads of string are the spider's many insect meals. One web actually had "Some Pig" weaved into it, but Max got to it before my camera did. 

I have blessed in the knowledge that I get to do something so enjoyable with my children that profits all of us immeasurably. Yes, folks, this is my job. To read along, listen to their improved annunciations, rhythms, and expression, to answer a hundred questions, to laugh my head off until I cry.

To realize they are smarter than I am, or certainly smarter than I was at their age, and have satisfaction knowing that. To read about Ebenezer's vision of Ali Baba and have my nine year old tell me who Ali Baba is, to have my six year old spout off spider facts and ask me to search for a picture of some spinnerets, and to experience my stubborn eight year old asking me if she can read this time.

As for me, I love watching shows as well, but there is something about a good book that simply becomes a part of us that no movie can accomplish. Those are the books I have on my shelf simply because I love them too much to part with them. They have inserted a memory chip of their meaning into my mind to forever shape my thoughts. A kind spider, a changed heart.... and a centipede that will sing about a luscious peach.

I am blessed.

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