Monday, June 20, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts...

1. Still exhausted from the VBS/drama/baseball/birthdays/great friends that let me crash their afternoons and feed my kids/fishing/family time week last week. whew.

2. I was extremely lazy today until about 4. Then I cleaned my deck.

3. My back yard is flooded because Max played with the hose while I cleaned the deck.

4. I got out of a Dr.'s appointment I was dreading. I really dread all appointments.

5. Weeds.

6. Subway.

7. My kids are still awake.

8. I have a great Dad. Thank you for being a father! A great Dad can make a world of difference for a daughter.

9. My kids have a great Dad as well. He married me nine years ago on Wednesday. I hope I can at least sit down for a cup of coffee with him this week sometime! (hint hint)

10. I am so excited as I plan for school! Have I ever told you I love homeschooling?

Have a great night!

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