Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Monday is game day, and croquet was the game.
(yes, I have clover...the rabbits love it.)

Summer was sick so she recorded our hits with tally marks
Our game is well used, with pieces broken and missing so I modified the game. I find that with the four various aged children short and sweet works best!

We have a slight hill in the backyard, so the game was to count how many hits it took to go up the hill, and how many hits it took to go down.

Going uphill took more force, meaning a harder it.
The grass provided some friction.
The force of gravity made it easier to go downhill.

She pretty much lives in her swimsuit.

Finally, we compared density of different balls.

We have not wrapped our brains around our vocabulary completely, but we are familiar with them. I use this as an introduction to how the world works in everyday lives. However, there are times they have used terms in conversation appropriately, which tells me things are sinking in! It also helps ME understand it better so when the time comes to really concentrate on these concepts I'll be ready!

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