Friday, October 17, 2014

Creative Genius

I'm just a mom, but I've come up with my own theories based on observation.

#1: Everyone is a genius. That is, in something. Some people's genius congregates in the area of mathematics, some genius hang around in one's musical understanding, and some people in wit. Some people's genius spread all around, with no ability to outshine in one area but compiling what they know in their eclectic mind, enjoying multiple disciplines.

Some people have their genius obviously pegged. Some will live the tragedy of never knowing theirs.

So if my theory is right, and you call someone stupid, or slow, or "special", you are wrong. Dead wrong. And, you have denied yourself the ability to witness a hidden genius- and possibly denied it for them as well.

My children may have been influenced by myself and their father through nature or nurture, but I can assure you that their genius has shown itself in different ways. My oldest is obviously the "smartest"... if you mean "smartest" by understanding her school work and able to get it done efficiently and with excellent results.

My second born, complete opposite. But oh my, you should see her in the kitchen... and if you could only listen to our private talks. Genius, pure genius.

My third born... you either love her or hate her. I love her, of course. She writes her e's backwards and still needs a number line to add. She is off the wall crazy with her thoughts. But when you calm her down and really understand what she is thinking? Can I tell you I just can't wait to see what she will be in 20 years? She said Librarian because she loves to read, but I'm quite sure she could not keep her mouth shut long enough to comply with rules of volume.

#2: Creativity can reveal itself in multiple ways.

There are those that call themselves creative because they are crafty. They like to find the instructions of how to do something and can make it incredibly beautiful- truly gifted in aesthetics. Or they can take a tradition or trending "pins" and make a happy life out of it. These people go hog-wild in creativity within the bounds of what is deemed appropriate by someone else.

Then, there are those that live outside any defined limitations. These are the dreamers and trend setters. They are also the messy, cluttered ones. The ones that are completely unaware of what they really "should" be doing- mostly because they don't care. Most of them are misunderstood... because who can understand why they do what they do?

This is where I live. That is why I hate scrap booking. It is so limiting to me.. I must follow a template with certain colors and stickers already made. Why, when I can make my own? Of course, I don't have time to make my own stickers with homemade puffy paint and glitter, so I don't do it. Not because I am not creative, but because I am creative.

I am so far out of the way people think I am supposed to live- I married the wrong kind of guy and wear the wrong kind of clothes and raise my children in the wrong kind of way... that is, to the crafty Suzie homemaker looking into my life. Yet, I am so happy.

But enough about me. My point is these two theories have enabled me to understand my neighbor better, and hopefully have been a better one. You see, I'm a fixer. Life circumstances have shaped this in me, and at times I have tried to fix people. However, we are not here to fix people, but enhance them. Shine the light on their genius and creativity. And for goodness sakes, learn from them and enjoy them as how they are. How glad we should be to be surrounded by so many creative geniuses! How much more joy we will have when we encourage that in others, especially children!

I have found that the most frustrating thing to me is when people misunderstand me- my intentions, my words, and my genius. It is so confining when we let people heap judgments on us from their limited viewpoint. So why would I want to do that to someone else? your neighbor as yourself...


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